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D-LINK DES-1016D 16-Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Desktop Switch

The DES-1016D is a 16-Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Desktop Switch designed to enchance network performance while providing a high level of flexibility. It is powerful and very easy to use.

The device is capable of serving up to 200 Mbps of speed, auto-sensing of 10 or 100 Mbps devices allowing a small group to connect, and it automatically detect straigh-through or crossover cables.

DES-1016D is an energy saving device allowing user to save energy at low usage.

View First recommend this device assuring that any person without knowledge in networking can use this.

View First Video Production Materials:
Camera: Huawei Y6 2018
Video Editing: PowerDirector
TLQ Verum : this is a good looking & nice switch
Full Moon : What's a difference between dlink Dgs-1016A and Dgs-1016D any idea?
sharuk anes : For networking it needs dynamic IP or static ip
Raj Thakuri : how much mbps soport??
Full Moon : I saw it has 16 ports , where u connect modem coming internet cable into this box for input i mean any where or it has specific input port ..for internet feed in...

Switch Dlink DES 1016D

Switch Dlink DES-1016D D-link
1lit3r8 : Can you configure bandwidth with this?
Victor luis : Como faço a ligaçao desse?
Tenho um mas nao ta distribuindo a internet
ZaniniTec Informática : Hello 1lit3r8, this switch is not manageable so there is no way to configure anything.
ZaniniTec Informática : Ola victor, precisa ver a conectividade das portas. Se tem conexao tem que funcionar. Já testou cabos, os rj45 ? Inclusive do modem. Tem modem que fazemos manutencao que as cezes a porta esta queimada e so funciona wifi
ZaniniTec Informática : Ola Victor, para distribuição de dados ou internet sempre utilizamos a porta 1 e as demais portas para os computadores da rede, mas não é uma regra e sim um padrão, caso não esteja funcionando verifique se as portas se comunicam com testes, caso sim pode ser alguma configuração no seu modem ou roteador. e caso não troque as portas, ou seja, peque seu cabo de internet que sai do modem/roteador e plugue em outras portas. qq coisa da um toque. abraços

Dead D-Link Gigabit DGS-1016D Switch

I test a failed D-Link Gigabit DGS-1016D Switch with a computer. Each port I test on the switch fails to link with a working computer. This switch was in use for 12-16 months before failing as you see.

Get the Switch Here:
More on my blog:
Wszystko i NIC : I have a similar problem and from what I was looking for a lot of people have such problems with the link. There is a power light but the port is not working.
This was my last dlink device, now only netgear and cheap tplink. Both work great, no problems in devices with a metal housing.
Peter Mulholland : The capacitors on the main board in this switch are poor quality and go bad. Mine would often fail to start up making a loud hissing noise. I localised the source of the hissing, used an oscilloscope to check the output from the onboard DC-DC converters, and sure enough found 2 capacitors that looked OK visually but were clearly bad. Replaced those and the switch worked perfectly since. I replaced all the capacitors just to be sure.
Billy George Williams : plug one end of the cable into the switch and the other end of the cable into another switch port like number 9 and it should light up. That's what I saw on youtube.
Marcio Lima : In Dec 2019 I bought one D-Link DGS-1016D and now, AGO2020, I have the same problem. Never more I'll bought a D-Link device
huy anh : Have you overcome it? Please give me a guide how to fix it, thank you




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